How had I Never Heard of Jeffrey Gaines?

So this morning I woke up to an opportunity I had no idea I was looking for.

Actually, the start of the day was filled with twists and turns that I had not imagined facing; a heartfelt conversation leaving me very vulnerable, and sad to be honest, a Dr. appointment to give insight into a physical ailment that I wasn’t sure of the gravity of or what I’d be facing. With all of that before 10am, I was about to pull the covers back over my head and wish the day away.

Thankfully, before all of this came to fruition, I also had set my sights on stepping out to a new local music venue that evening. Initially I thought I may have company, but after the events of the morning it was clear that I’d likely be on my own if I really wanted to go. So you know what, I took a deep breath, washed my hair, got through the day one step at a time and headed out for a night of new music and a new experiences.

20 Front Street in Lake Orion, MI was exactly the place I needed to be. The venue is an intimate listening room with an inviting and character filled atmosphere. There is a lovely cafe with a loose tea tree library, extensive coffee menu, sweets and even a vinyl collection to peruse. Jeffrey Gaines was the headliner, and he was outstanding! His music and energy were absolutely magnetic and filled the heart and soul of all in attendance, just what was needed for me for sure. When audience members are brought to tears by the powerful performance of a song, that’s what I call raw and real. This happened, guys, it was so moving. A woman brought to tears by the power of a song. Jeffrey told her husband that with that passion flowing from her he better put his arms around her, it was absolutely heartwarming, so personal.

I was drawn in from the moment I walked through the door. The love and passion for the music and atmosphere by the venue owner, sound crew, and musicians, and the connection with all of us (only seats about 70) for an evening of soul searching and great music was clearly the single goal and focus, and clearly accomplished.

Check out Jeffrey Gaines, check out 20 Front Street!! You will thank me.